Do You Do These Mistakes After Break Up?

After a long discussion that night, Mary explained to me how she got over a terrible divorce. “It was not an easy situation but something got me where I am today”, Mary explained… When I broke up with my ex I felt like trash, I wasn’t in a good mood. All the time and I was just unproductive. I kept crying all the time and I knew that if I continued to feel that way. I would not feel happy in my life

I asked Mary how was she able to change her life in a very short time; she had a very unique way to change her life that can even help you too.

This one thing that you should do when you really want to change your life, back to normal, You have to believe in yourself that you are the unique human being. You see, most people have this thing when they are heartbroken, the kind of thing that hinders them to move on.

So I want you to pay attention to this one thing that will make your life better. I know, because I’ve used this same technique to make myself more powerful.

Most people during break up treat themselves very badly. You might think that this is kind of illusion (as to why someone would want to harm him/herself). But, (YES) most people do it and unfortunately, they don’t even realize, that they do it.

Now, this brings us to a specific technique that I used to appreciate myself. What really happens when you break up with your ex is this, your heart becomes ill and this is what most people do, instead of healing their heart that keeps hurting themselves.

They do things like staying home by themselves,
Calling there ex all day and telling them how sorry they are.
They over-eat (become obese) or they under-eat hence they become skinny (both of these are very unattractive)
They keep thinking that something is wrong with them (a big one)
They lower their self-esteem to everyone around them
They avoid other people.

If you do any of the above you deprive yourself of getting over break up

You have to treat yourself, good…(REALLY) forget about your situation, and forget about how you feel, all that is just a situation. You see, most people try to justify that their situation as the worst or their situation is different from others. It’s like they say… their break up situation was unique or different. Let me tell you this here, yes that situation might be different but in principle, it is the same.

Stop being hard on yourself, assume the responsibility of believing that you have the birthright to be happy…. even if you have been heartbroken. Take a close look at the fact that I use the word… believe… most of the time. It is for a reason.

If someone wants to do something good to you, let him/her do it. If you get a compliment to say thanks and believe that you deserve it.

Most people after a break up don’t believe that they deserve to have some good things in their lives, they don’t think that they deserve to be happy, so they keep doing things that make them feel bad. Things like listening to sad songs or finding the reasons why their ex left them.

When you treat yourself good you will start to define yourself as a unique human being who deserve better things. What this means is that the situation does not matter anymore if you know who you are. When I say situation mean anything, from breakup, divorce or even getting hurt by the ex.

Once you learn this one thing you will be able to change your life for good.

Forget Your Ex in 24hrs teaches you how to treat yourself good. To appreciate yourself even at this time of grieve. You will learn how to get over bad ex memories quickly.

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