“I want my ex back?” Here is the emotional maturity test

The relationship is what you make it. Everything depends upon the behavior of the two partners, and this springs, of course, from their individual make-up.

You must constantly send your suggestions to your brain, that it is absolutely essential to have confidence in order to stand a chance to get back with my ex, and this is particularly true of relationship, which is a lifelong test of the best human qualities.

The relationship is the normal state for adult men and women, but not all who are physically prepared for the relationship have grown up emotionally.

All the emotional states and attitudes are founded on infantile traits of one kind or another.

The most important question, therefore, you should ask yourself if you contemplate the revival of your relationship :

”if I want my ex back, am I sufficiently mature for the relationship?

This is not just a matter of age. It does not apply only to young people who are considering a long-lasting relationship. There are men and women of fifty whose attitudes are intensely infantile.

Nine out of ten victims of infantile traits are firmly convinced that they are completely normal and that only those who cross their path or interfere with their plans are abnormal. Moreover, it is not always helpful to lay down set rules as a guide to emotional maturity.

You may apply them very strictly to yourself, those who are somewhat deficient in adult qualities tend to rate themselves highly at their weakest points.

Perhaps the best indication as to whether or not you have an adult emotional makeup will be shown by your emotional response to my blog.

When you have read it and if you feel that the demands it makes are grossly unreasonable and that you can manage your relationship without the bother of seeking adaptation to your partner in all the numerous ways indicated, it is more than probable that you are not emotionally prepared for the serious tasks of reviving your relationship.

On the other hand, if the suggestions leave you with the impression that being successful in the relationship is not a simple matter, but a challenge to the best that is in you, worthy of every possible effort on your part to make it a success, then the chances are that your outlook and attitudes are fairly satisfactory.

Contrary to popular belief, emotional maturity is not a matter of formal education or of general intelligence. Great ability and a wide range of knowledge do not necessarily go hand in hand with such homely but essential virtues like tolerance and kindness.

If being perfectly honest with yourself, you can answer “Yes” to the following questions you are certainly emotionally equipped to assume the responsibilities and to know the joys which your relationship can bring.

  1. Do I consider all difficult traits of my ex-partner, when I decide ”I want my ex back”
  2. Am I fully prepared to accept my share of responsibility after I get back with my ex
  3. Can I freely give as well as eagerly take to make my getting back together a success?
  4. Is it habitual for me to consider the comfort and feelings of others equally with my own?
  5. Do I see my ex-partner as he or she really is, with faults as well as good qualities, failings as well as virtues?
  6. Am I—an average human being, with weaknesses and failings—capable of striving so to revive my relationship with my ex, as to secure the harmonious development of both lives side by side?

You will learn a great deal about yourself by asking your heart that does i want my ex back really? then trying honestly to answer all the above questions.

And if some of your replies are not completely satisfactory, remember that nobody enters relationship ideally equipped, since you must realize that you are imperfect in some ways, you must dig out those areas honestly. To recognize our limitations as well as our strength is invaluable.

It helps us to see things from the right perspective. It shows you where you should aim for improvement; finally—and this is of great importance—it gives you a goal. This is your starting point for planning how to get your ex back fast.

You must look repairing your relationship as a task for two. Ideally, speaking you and your ex must accept the fact that both together can, by really trying, so order your lives that both may benefit and that this

love renewal may grow stronger year by year. Your ex must believe in yourself in order to have a positive mindset for relationship revival. Both of you must be pre¬pared to re-work unceasingly to make your renewed relationship a beautiful and mutually enriching experience, the one different from your previous experience.

If you can do all this, your outlook is exactly right and my entire blog should help you to the full.

The Meaning of a Renewed Relationship

BEFORE you and your ex enter into relationship revival both of you must be certain of each other’s outlook upon it. As when you entered your relationship in the first place without any previous experience of relationship together it is, far too many people reproach their partners in some such form as this: “You never told me that this was your idea of the relationship.

If I had known, I would never have gone for such a relationship.”

Your ex and you cannot pull together if the aims of both are divergent. Simply, your strong feeling of “I want my ex back ” is not enough to make your reunion viable and long-lasting. And in so important a matter as the relationship, it is imperative that both should aim high from the outset.

“The utmost for the highest” is a motto which has much to commend it in a relationship which is of paramount importance and which may profoundly affect the lives of others, particularly of any children of that relationship.

Broadly speaking, there must be a common purpose, and this can spring only from some shared faith or philosophy.

It is not necessary that your ex-partner should see eye to eye on all religious matters, but need to share fundamental spiritual and moral values. This will give point and purpose to all that you both do.

In order to make your relationship renewal long-lasting or forever, you must be embarking upon a quest for a common goal with your ex—one which two people may attain by mutual effort, but which they cannot attain separately. Both you and your ex will need, therefore, the inspiration which high ideals and a sense of spiritual values can impart, and also an understanding of, an agreement regarding, the framework of renewed lifestyle.

To achieve such level of harmony both you and your partner must have a strong feel for: ”I want my ex back” Given these, your ex can pass on to a consideration of some of the details with you, how you will repair the relationship to conform to your ex ideals.

Successful renewal of your relationship will only be guaranteed when you and your ex truly want to restructure their lives in complete intimacy, and ready to forget past problems and do not waste time and sincerely want to learn how to get your ex back fast.

Nature prompts them to desire physical intimacy. This by itself, however, is not a true relationship, though it may be often repeated.

When you and your ex learn really to care for each other, then this fresh breeze of love would make both of you feel the need for each other’s hearts and minds as well as bodies.

Your ex would desire your companionship in this new environment.You would soon realize that when you said yourself in the breakup phase as:

“I want my ex back ” you actually meant as: ”I need my ex-support and encouragement”.

You need to understand that each has an essential part to play in this reunion. Neither can manage without the other. If one partner entertains any foolish illusions of the supremacy of either sex, let these be dismissed at once.

The sexes are complementary to each other—and might at times be rather more complimentary if this basic truth were more widely recognized. Even sexual union in its crudest form as purely physical activity is impossible without the co-operation of both man and woman.

Renewal of true, therefore, the coming together, in complete reunion, of two people of the opposite sex with an aim to improve in the relationship this time as their second chance in the life You and your ex are equal but different.

Each is necessary to the other’s well-being. And this reunion must be aimed at a permanent nature.

That must be the intention from the outset when you communicate with your ex for the reunion and respond to your heart voice of “I want my ex back“.

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