When You Are “ Rotten” You Should Never Call Your Ex

Michael, who is my co-worker, broke up with his ex-girlfriend of two years. He had some hard time to think clearly for the last five month. He loved his ex but the time has come for him to move on but he struggled to let go for the last few weeks eventually he was able to get over a broken heart.

He used some techniques that helped him to recover from his pain. One of the techniques he used was to stop calling his ex. He told me that this is critical. If you keep calling your ex, you end up feeling like you are not worthy especially if your ex is not picking up or return your calls. This is the kind of thing you never want to do.

The other thing that is bad about calling your ex is the belief you create, that things will work out. Listen! You broke up for a reason and… that is… things didn’t work out. Forget that and move on.

You have to prevent anything that will block you from moving on the relationship. I always hear people say, “I don’t know how to move on”… while they keep calling the ex every time. That will never work.

In my case, (Michael continued) I stop calling my ex and I started to find new ways to get over it and to accept the fact that now its over, I know you don’t want to hear this but let me tell you, if there was a chance to find a new person who is much better than your ex would you go for it? I bet you would.

Stop crying all day and wishing that things will work out. Get that out of your mind and try to find some new ways to get a new life. Learn new things, do the things you’ve always wanted, the things that your ex prohibited you to do.

Start a new hobby, if you are out of shape start to hit the gym and lose some weight. You will be surprised how confident you’ll feel when you attend for a month. You will also meet a lot of new people out there that will be your friends.

Go to the library to learn new things, this will increase your knowledge about things in your life and I’ll tell you this when you learn new things you will definitely feel better about yourself and there is nothing better than that in this life.

I noticed something about Michael when I was talking to him, that he seems like he has spent a considerable time in personal development, he has learned a lot of things about other people and himself. Although he was desperate when he broke up, that turns out to be the most important thing that changed his life for good.

So use this time as an opportunity to become a better person.

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