Why Getting Your Ex Back Is The Wrong Idea

You know in life there are things that you must face the fact that is not worth the effort and you are facing one of them.

Think about it, when you were in a relationship you had everything in your hands to get things rights. It was much easier to convince your ex about how important the relationship is than to do it now.

If you couldn’t do it back then, do you think you could right now when everything is not in your control? Think about it.

I know it is hard to believe that things are not the same; you also don’t want to face the fact that your ex doesn’t want you anymore. You might think I’ve been harsh but I want to help you get over that needy thought pattern in your mind.

The reason you want to your ex back is that you think is special (or the one). If you can just change the way you think you will, you will realize that you are wasting your time hoping to get back in a relationship which (deep down) you know it won’t work but you have that neediness that tells you to go back.

So, what can you do?

Here is the best thing you can do… find a new person to start a relationship with. Now you might say it is not easy when you still in love with your ex but I’ll tell you this, you have a hard time because your mind is dominated with the belief that life without your ex is impossible.

When you have that belief in your mind you will never be able to find a new person, you might stay with a new person but that is just physical, on the emotional level you are far apart.

Let me explain here more.

People do things that are in their reality, those that they believe are possible. For example, if you have to believe you have to work hard all your life to survive then you will find conditions that will make it so. If you believe those police officers are bad people who always make you pay fines then that’s what they will do to you. Are we together here?

I know it sounds like some kind of philosophy, which you might not want to buy but it’s true.

Now back to the main point of your belief about getting your ex back. If there is one thing that you have to take, this will be it; you have to change your belief there is no life without your ex. so that you can move on.

Trust me, you will be happier when you realized that there are more good people out there that will compete for a chance to be with you instead of being a crybaby who wants to go back to someone who doesn’t love anymore.

Now in order to change how you feel about your ex, you have to change your thought patterns.

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