Why It Is Not Healthy To Get Your Ex Back

I’ve said this many times and I’m not the originator of it but the thing is your mind is the most important asset you’ve ever possessed in your life. If you abuse it (or you let others do it) then you are in big trouble

Here is what I mean…

When you don’t have any boundaries and let other people do whatever they want like saying bad words to you just manipulate you then you by default you let them destroy your self-esteem (you’re well being). When you let others manipulate you more than once then it is obvious that something is wrong with you.

If you broke up because your ex was not relation you right then (trust me), you go back you are going to be hurt again. It is not healthy (mentally) to stay in a relationship that has a history of break up.

Here is why

Your mind has a tendency to accept any condition and make it habitual if those conditions are repeated long enough. It doesn’t matter whether those conditions are good or bad but it just accepts as true as long as they are continued for some time.

So when you are in a bad relationship… like (abusive one) your mind accepts that it is a way of life. You won’t even realize that you are mistreated. You just accept that as a way to go.

So when you go back to your abusive ex then you condition your mind that accepting abuse is okay. On the other hand (in my opinion) is to get over your ex completely by learning simple techniques that will make you forget all the bad experiences.

Forget Your Ex in 24hrs is the best technology to help you forget your ex completely even if you still want to go back.

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