Why You Can’t Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

You see, there are a few numbers of humans who think that it is not easy to get over an ex-girlfriend. They will try to go back to that girl or just call her all day hoping that will convince her to rekindle the old fire which dies many years ago.

First of all, you must understand that you have a problem if you can’t get over it. Do you know why? Because she is not living with you, she probably doesn’t even return your call, she might even already forget that you exist but here you are, thinking about all the wonderful things you did together many years ago. I’ll tell you this you’ve got to get your shit together.

The reason why you can’t get over her is not that you love her so much or she is the most beautiful girl since Cleopatra, NO. It could be because you share some great times together but that’s not the reason why you think about her all day.

You can’t get over your ex-girlfriend because you have avoided inside you. Yes, I’ll repeat you have a (BIG) void inside you. You haven’t found a solution to feeling it so you think you can find it on someone else, (your ex-girlfriend). NO, she won’t be able to fill it out for you. In fact, no one will, others might show you the direction but you alone can fill it.

Are you confused, here is what I mean, the kind of void I’m talking about is called neediness. The kind of behavior some people have that they can’t be themselves they have to have a girlfriend on their side to feel like real men.

The funny thing is it is the other person (girlfriend) that makes them feel real. If they don’t have one they become sissy. If you are one of these then you have to change that immediately.

What that really means is that other people control their experience, their inner strength, in other words, you can’t be yourself until you have others to approve you.

You need to find that void first, you need to ask yourself why you really need that girl so bad, what makes you fee be with her. Once you get the answer then dig deeper to find more answers. This will help you to know what you really need. For example, it could be something like feeling important. Once you get the correct answer to find things that will make you feel important. Is it knowing things, adventure, learning new skills, it could be anything.

Once you have filled your need you will feel more powerful and confident the characters that are so irresistible and very attractive to women.

Forget Your Ex in 24hrs will teach you to feel the void inside so that you can move one and start a new relationship without being needy.

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